Street photography workshops

Learn how to produce stylish and distinctive work with a professional street photographer & photojournalist

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Join us on Stand J67 on 17-20 March at the NEC – some great show offers available!

Weekend Masterclass


We are now taking bookings for the Spring workshop for intermediate level and above – 27-29 April 2018

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The definitive street photography ‘techniques’ book by Brian Lloyd Duckett – in all good bookshops, on Amazon worldwide and available to purchase here!

Camera club lectures

We can create a refreshingly different experience for your camera club or society – talks, lectures, critique evenings or competition judging

Don't be part of a crowd!

Our 1-day UK workshops have a maximum of 6 participants
Click HERE for our 2018 workshop programme

Venice one-to-one workshop - 8 February

Take in the photogenic Venice Carnival during this full-day travel & street photography workshop on 6th February – for an individual or a small private group

Our street photography workshop: an immersive experience

Working with a highly experienced course leader (a full-time professional street photographer and photojournalist) in a small group, this is a powerful and immersive learning experience. You will build an appreciation of the aesthetics of street photography which extends beyond random pictures of strangers walking down a street or of people sitting in a cafe.

Our street photography workshops are structured, informative and relaxed. They are sometimes provocative, usually challenging and always highly enjoyable; they will stretch your imagination, develop your skills and boost your confidence. Whilst we cover the technicalities (such as camera settings, light and composition), our main focus is on teaching you the essential skills to help you become an accomplished street photographer, conquering your fear of shooting on the streets, understanding what makes a strong image and helping your develop your own style and approach.

We pay as much attention to the art of street photography as we do the technique and it is this combination which makes our workshops different. There is a structured, tried and tested formula designed to make you a better street photographer.

Our workshops are focused on helping you . . .

  • Develop a street photographer’s eye and learn how to spot a photo opportunity in an everyday street scene.
  • Understand the aesthetics and the art of street photography.
  • Nurture your own photographic style and learn how to conceive and develop projects.
  • Understand the components of a great street image.
  • Conquer your fear of photographing strangers, shooting your environment quietly and unobtrusively.
  • Learn the technical aspects of street photography: equipment, settings, composition, exposure, light and focus.
  • Maximise the potential of your camera when photographing buildings and urban landscapes.
  • Learn how manual (zone) focusing can make you more effective as a street photographer.
  • Learn how to photograph safely in difficult situations or areas and how to interact effectively with the public, the police and other officials; react positively if people are questioning, challenging or offended.
  • Understand the key legal and ethical aspects of street photography.





Weekend Masterclass

We are now taking bookings for the Spring workshop for intermediate level and above – 27-29 April 2018

Develop your confidence & skills with a professional

Learn invaluable tips and techniques from a professional street photographer, lecturer & author


Understand the aesthetics of street photography and create meaningful street images – not random pictures of strangers!


Discover the essential field techniques to become an effective street photographer

Develop your powers of observation and learn the art of story-telling through pictures

Learn how to shoot quickly and to recognise and capture the ‘decisive moment’

Learn to see and observe, creating very personal perspectives for your work

Learn to develop projects, bringing a real focus to your work; develop your own personal style

Build your confidence and conquer your fear of shooting strangers on the street

Urban Landscape photography workshops

Urban landscape photography workshops will be running throughout 2018 – click here for dates

Street photography workshops UK

UK street photography workshops

Our 2017 street photography workshops will take place in London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Blackpool, Hull and Brighton. Led by a professional street photographer and with a maximum of six participants, this street photography course is structured, challenging and inspiring – as well as being great fun. Click HERE for details.

Photography workshops in Venice, Lisbon, Prague, Rome, Paris

Photography workshops in Europe

Learn a combination of travel and street photography on one of our immersive workshop experiences. We are running group and one-to-one workshops throughout 2018 in Venice, Lisbon, Prague, Rome and Paris. Learn new skills, meet new friends and take your photography to a new level in a charming place!

Individual training in street photography

One-to-one street photography workshops

Power up your street photography with individual coaching & mentoring. We will tailor a unique learning experience for you – from an intensive 1-day workshop to a career development programme spread over several months. Click HERE for details of our private learning experiences.

Individual training in street photography

Lectures & talks for camera clubs

We love to engage with camera clubs and photographic societies! Whether it’s for a lecture, informal talk, critique evening or competition judging, we can add a refreshingly different, engaging and inspiring angle to your event. Click HERE for details.


Happy students

Photos taken on average course

Maximum group size

Lisbon workshops

We are running individual and group photography workshops in Lisbon throughout 2018 – please contact us for the current programme

This street photography workshop was destined to sit head and shoulders above would-be competitors in the genre in the UK, and was full of promise. For a start, the “Streetsnappers” website is dedicated to this genre alone. In addition, it did not go unnoticed that Brian, the workshop leader, showed a keen interest in gaining an understanding of his students’ individual skill levels in the days leading up to the Workshop. It seems to me that this is of paramount importance to effective teaching, yet is is so often missing from the offer of some other companies in this field. The day started with a comprehensive briefing over coffee where Brian’s interest in his students and where his enthusiasm and expertise in street photography shone through. Technical information was shared in an easy-going, interactive style and it was quickly apparent that part of Brian’s working life involves academic teaching.

Richard B


I am a fairly experienced photographer but new to street photography. I wanted a course that would challenge me, teach me some new ways of working and help conquer my reluctance to shoot strangers. This course delivered on all counts. Our course leader, Brian, was a very experienced photographer with a real talent for getting the message across in an engaging way. He put us at ease right from our first encounter and worked hard with every member of the group from the beginning of the workshop to the end of the day. All in all a very worthwhile, fun, informative, provocative and top value day. Bravo Steetsnappers, I’ll be back for more!

Robin Y


I spent a wonderful day with Brian on Sunday. We had a mixed bag of weather but this didn’t hinder the fun. I wanted to spend a day to up my confidence levels, build a foundation for me to move forward with and glean as much information as I could from a pro! A pro he is but one that is wiling to share every tip he possibly can with you. His style of teaching was perfect for me and I really cannot recommend this course highly enough. There is structure to the day but Brian is happy to go off piste and deal with anything you may throw at him.

Victoria M


Brian Lloyd Duckett

Brian Lloyd Duckett

Principal & Course Leader

My interest in street photography started when, as a photojournalist, I pounded the streets of London, shooting material for news and features. My philosophy on street photography is simple: there’s more to it than shooting pictures of random strangers in the street or sitting in cafes! I enjoy introducing people to a more thoughtful, creative approach.

When I’m not working as a street photographer I run a commercial and editorial photography business, I teach as a Visiting Lecturer at universities, I lecture at camera clubs and I’m a featured writer / photographer in photographic and travel magazines. My latest street photography book, ‘Mastering Street Photography’, is published by Ammonite Press and is for sale worldwide.

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News, developments and insights from the world of street photography

The creeping ‘corporatisation’ of our public spaces

Those of you who know me will know that I have a real bee in my bonnet about this. Everywhere we go we find instances of what were once public areas being turned into private zones with a 'public right of access'. This is happening all over London and many other UK...

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Join the Street Photography Workshop Alumni

A great place for street photography critique If (and only if!!) you have already attended a StreetSnappers workshop - whenever and wherever in the world it was - you're entitled to join our Alumni group on Facebook. This is a critique and discussion group where you...

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Tip of the week: Don’t Hesitate

Street photography techniques: don't hesitate! Hesitation ruins many a potential shot - sometimes that 'great shot' - maybe the once-in-a-lifetime career changing stunner. But we all do it. When you see a potential shot you really must follow the Nike line and 'just...

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Ones to Watch: Gianfranco Gentile

Gianfranco attended one of our Soho workshops last year and, although he's a relative newcomer to the genre, his work has come on in leaps and bounds since then. I asked him 10 questions about street photography and here's what he has to say . . . 1. How long have you...

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Street photography critique

This is the next in our series of regular street photography critique evenings, networking and discussion groups . . . Frank, friendly and constructive criticism can be hard to come by. Sure, we can all get lots of praise on social media but there’s a limit to how...

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Liverpool street photography workshop – 24th June

I have a couple of spaces left on this Saturday's Liverpool street photography workshop. Join me in this colourful and charismatic city for the people, the bars, the shops, the waterfront, the work, the play . . . our small workshop group (maximum 6 participants) will...

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