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Street Photography Critique Evening – Monday 3 July 2017


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This is the next in our series of regular street photography critique evenings, networking and discussion groups . . .

Frank, friendly and constructive criticism can be hard to come by. Sure, we can all get lots of praise on social media but there’s a limit to how useful the usual comments of ‘wow’, ‘amazing capture’ and ‘you nailed it’ are. So, come along and discuss your work with other enthusiasts and get some really useful street photography critique.

Bring along up to 3 street photography prints for constructive critique from me and within the group. They can be in monochrome or colour and can be of any subject; the only stipulation is that they are ‘street photography’. If you struggle to have prints made, then tablet or laptop images will be fine.

We will meet in a quiet corner of a central London pub (venue TBA) for a couple of hours or so. Come along, have a drink (not included!) and network with some like-minded street photographers. Places are limited to six, so don’t leave it too late. It’s a great way to spend a spring evening!


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