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Do I need lots of camera equipment? No – it really doesn’t matter. We are not gear obsessed and are more interested in getting the picture. Anything from a good basic digital compact camera to a professional DSLR will be fine, as will a traditional film camera – and even a smartphone. We aim to work quickly and unobtrusively, and recommend that gear is kept to an absolute minimum.

What shall I bring with me on the day? We recommend you travel light. Just bring your camera kit (as little of it as possible), spare batteries, spare memory cards, clothing appropriate for the weather conditions, comfortable shoes, bottle of water.

Is there lots of walking involved? Yes! Because of the very nature of what we do, ‘pounding the pavements’ is very necessary and unfortunately the course is not suitable for those who are unable to walk far. On a full-day workshop, we usually walk around 6-8k.

Are there any additional costs involved? Other than your own coffees, lunch and refreshments during and after the workshop, no. Very occasionally we will need to use public transport, so you may need to pay for a ‘short hop’ fare on a tube, bus, train or tram.

What happens if it rains? The show goes on. The same goes for snow, ice and other forms of ‘extreme’ weather, all of which make for great street photography. Make sure you keep an eye on the weather forecast and bring appropriate clothing or weather protection.

Your current locations are not convenient. Can you run a course near to where I live? Very probably. Just let us know what you have in mind and we may be able to develop a course there. Please bear in mind that our course locations must be suitable for our needs and will be thoroughly researched before a properly structured course can take place.

Do you offer one-to-one tuition? Yes, we will put together a coaching and mentoring programme to help you achieve your artistic or career objectives.


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