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One to watch: Neil Johansson

Neil is a veteran of at least four StreetSnappers workshops and he’s one of the most talented street photographers I’ve met. With an eye for a clean composition and a strong horizontal, Neil consistently produces quality work and is not afraid to push the... read more

Street photographers and the police – how we can help

Well, you could say the tables have turned. After a long period where photographers and the police seemed to be entrenched in hostilities they are now asking for our help. And good on them. The Met’s latest initiative, Project Servator, was launched last winter... read more

In the hot seat: Gill Prince

I asked keen street photographer Gill Prince for her thoughts on street photography . . .   How long have you been practising street photography? – and how did you get into it? I attended a one day travel photography course in 2011 and part of that included... read more

Street photography in HULL

Street photography in Hull Europe’s 2017 Capital of Culture, Hull, is probably not famous for its street photography – or its street photographers – but it’s a location you should consider. I spent a sunny Friday there and, although I found the... read more

NEW! One-to-one Lisbon street photography workshop

LISBON STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP Following on from the success of last month’s group and individual workshop stint in Lisbon, I’m launching a series of one-to-one workshops in this fine city. Well known for its amazing light, colourful local characters,... read more

Muflon camera straps for street photography

We are delighted to be UK stockists for the gorgeous Muflon camera straps – perfect for street photography. These gorgeous hand-crafted camera straps are perfect for travel and street photographers. Made from high quality rugged 10mm climbing rope, Muflon straps... read more

A Venice photography workshop this winter?

We often think of Venice – ‘La Serenissima’ – as being a great place to photograph during the summer with it’s blue skies, aquamarine water and shafts of glorious light. But what about in the winter months? I run Venice photography... read more

The creeping ‘corporatisation’ of our public spaces

Those of you who know me will know that I have a real bee in my bonnet about this. Everywhere we go we find instances of what were once public areas being turned into private zones with a ‘public right of access’. This is happening all over London and many... read more

Join the Street Photography Workshop Alumni

A great place for street photography critique If (and only if!!) you have already attended a StreetSnappers workshop – whenever and wherever in the world it was – you’re entitled to join our Alumni group on Facebook. This is a critique and discussion... read more

Tip of the week: Don’t Hesitate

Street photography techniques: don’t hesitate! Hesitation ruins many a potential shot – sometimes that ‘great shot’ – maybe the once-in-a-lifetime career changing stunner. But we all do it. When you see a potential shot you really must... read more

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