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A Venice photography workshop this winter?

We often think of Venice - 'La Serenissima' - as being a great place to photograph during the summer with it's blue skies, aquamarine water and shafts of glorious light. But what about in the winter months? I run Venice photography workshops every winter - from...

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Notting Hill Carnival – advice for street photographers

There's no doubt about it, London's Notting Hill Carnival has enduring appeal to street photographers - and each year it attracts us in our hundreds. However, it is fraught with dangers for the unwary and photographers should be aware of some 'ground rules' in order...

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The creeping ‘corporatisation’ of our public spaces

Those of you who know me will know that I have a real bee in my bonnet about this. Everywhere we go we find instances of what were once public areas being turned into private zones with a 'public right of access'. This is happening all over London and many other UK...

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Join the Street Photography Workshop Alumni

A great place for street photography critique If (and only if!!) you have already attended a StreetSnappers workshop - whenever and wherever in the world it was - you're entitled to join our Alumni group on Facebook. This is a critique and discussion group where you...

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Tip of the week: Don’t Hesitate

Street photography techniques: don't hesitate! Hesitation ruins many a potential shot - sometimes that 'great shot' - maybe the once-in-a-lifetime career changing stunner. But we all do it. When you see a potential shot you really must follow the Nike line and 'just...

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Ones to Watch: Gianfranco Gentile

Gianfranco attended one of our Soho workshops last year and, although he's a relative newcomer to the genre, his work has come on in leaps and bounds since then. I asked him 10 questions about street photography and here's what he has to say . . . 1. How long have you...

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Street photography critique

This is the next in our series of regular street photography critique evenings, networking and discussion groups . . . Frank, friendly and constructive criticism can be hard to come by. Sure, we can all get lots of praise on social media but there’s a limit to how...

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Liverpool street photography workshop – 24th June

I have a couple of spaces left on this Saturday's Liverpool street photography workshop. Join me in this colourful and charismatic city for the people, the bars, the shops, the waterfront, the work, the play . . . our small workshop group (maximum 6 participants) will...

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Street photography techniques: overcome your fear

Street photography techniques: 10 ways to overcome your fear Some of us are comfortable with shooting strangers on the street - others less so. Whenever I run a street photography workshop at least half the participants cite this is the main thing which holds them...

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Street photography camera settings: under-expose for impact

Street photography camera settings: under-exposure People often ask me about street photography camera settings. When we were starting out in photography we were almost certainly taught to take great care to expose correctly - it's one of those photography 'rules'...

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Photographers and the Terror Threat

Photographers and the terror threat For as long as I can remember, photographers have had a tough time from those ‘in authority’ – sometimes for good reason but, for the most part, with no good reason at all. Life has got easier for us in recent years but I have a...

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