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Street photography techniques: overcome your fear

Street photography techniques: 10 ways to overcome your fear Some of us are comfortable with shooting strangers on the street – others less so. Whenever I run a street photography workshop at least half the participants cite this is the main thing which holds... read more

Street photography camera settings: under-expose for impact

Street photography camera settings: under-exposure People often ask me about street photography camera settings. When we were starting out in photography we were almost certainly taught to take great care to expose correctly – it’s one of those photography... read more

Photographers and the Terror Threat

Photographers and the terror threat For as long as I can remember, photographers have had a tough time from those ‘in authority’ – sometimes for good reason but, for the most part, with no good reason at all. Life has got easier for us in recent years but I have a... read more

Last week’s photography workshop in Venice

Last week saw another photography workshop in Venice. This was a private workshop with three lovely ladies who wanted to explore the less visited, ‘hidden’ Venice, away from the tourists, the tacky gifts, the €15 coffees and the expensive shops. The wanted... read more

Street photography workshops in Liverpool and Blackpool

We still have some availability on two summer street photography workshops in the North West – in Liverpool and Blackpool. Both towns are unique and charismatic in different ways. On our Liverpool workshops we usually produce gritty, witty and often ironic images... read more

Digital or film for street photography?

Please take the survey! Film has always played a big part in street photography – from it’s emergence in the late 19th century to the present day, where we’re seeing quite a significant comeback. So, do you prefer digital or film for street... read more

New street photography workshops for 2017

This is our latest ‘workshop update’, bringing you news of forthcoming and new street photography workshops – around the UK and in Europe. UK street photography workshops Firstly, our next London CRITIQUE EVENING is looming and will take place next... read more

What’s the best bag for street photography?

What’s the best bag for street photography? Wow . . . that’s one big question. I have tested, reviewed and used just about every bag known to man and have never managed to find the best bag for street photography. Billingham, Domke, Lowepro, Crumpler,... read more

Street photography locations: Liverpool

As anyone local to this truly fine city will tell you, street photography in Liverpool is FUN. I grew up 20 miles from Liverpool and know the place well. If you invest a little time in getting to know the city, finding its rhythm and putting in the leg-work you... read more

Street photography in Lisbon

Fancy learning street photography in Lisbon? We are running workshops in Lisbon from 1st to 4th Septmeber. The dates are starting to fill up and we now only have spaces left for the group workshop on Friday 1st. So, come along and learn travel & street photography... read more

A Street Photographer’s New Year Resolutions

We all make them, we all break them. Are new year resolutions worth the bother or are they just something we do to make us feel good about ourselves at midnight on 31st December? Do I make them? Usually. Do I keep them? Rarely. But this year things will be different;... read more

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