About the company

We are an established, UK-based photographer training business which specialises in travel & street photography courses and workshops. On our immersive full-day workshop you will learn the art and the essential techniques of street photography – whether in London, other major UK cities or in European cities such as Venice, Lisbon and Rome.

Our workshops concentrate on ‘getting the picture’. We don’t get too bogged down with technicalities (though we do cover the essential basics such as camera settings, focusing, exposure, etc); we prefer to make the most of our time together by focusing on five key areas:

  1. Building your confidence as a street photographer, conquering your fear of shooting on the streets
  2. Developing your powers of observation so that you ‘see’ the opportunity
  3. Helping you understand the principles of light and composition in travel or street photography
  4. Coaching you in the essential shooting techniques to ensure that you capture ‘the moment’
  5. Enabling you to take stylish and meaningful images which go beyond the often-seen ‘stranger in a street’ picture

Our small but very nice team

Our Principal and Course Tutor is Brian Lloyd Duckett, a well-known London street photographer. Prior setting up a successful commercial and editorial photography business (click HERE for info), Brian has worked as a press and agency photographer on the streets on London and many other cities.

Brian’s latest book on street photography techniques – ‘Mastering Street Photography‘ – is published by Ammonite Press (2016) and is available in bookshops worldwide. He lectures extensively at camera clubs, teaches as a Visiting Lecturer on photography degree courses and is a member of the BPPA (British Press Photographers’ Association).

Keeping it in the family, Alex Duckett assists on workshops, runs our marketing and social media and generally helps make the business tick. A history graduate, Alex is a keen street photographer and is currently helping to establish our courses in other European cities.

And, last but not least, Johannah looks after our workshop administration and finances and has developed a talent for keeping the boys on track!



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