Street photography techniques: don’t hesitate!

Hesitation ruins many a potential shot – sometimes that ‘great shot’ – maybe the once-in-a-lifetime career changing stunner. But we all do it. When you see a potential shot you really must follow the Nike line and ‘just do it’. Must of us experience that ‘shall I / shan’t I?’ moment, often walking away from a great opportunity because we were not quick enough or were perhaps nervous or concerned about the consequences.

But don’t give in! You need to banish such feelings and instinctively press the button the moment you recognise potential in a shot. I know it’s not always easy and it can take time to change the way you feel, so here’s a tip, straight from a friend who is a behavioural psychologist . . .

Wear an elastic band on your wrist. Every time you hesitate, give the band a sharp twang, causing you a short, sharp shock of pain. If you do this often enough, says the psychologist, you will eventually condition yourself out of any feelings of hesitation. Give it a try . . . it’s one the simplest street photography techniques and it works!

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