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The ideal gifts for the photographer in your life . . . my street photography books, my Venice zine and workshop Gift Vouchers!

My latest zine - Venezia Vuota

This A5 zine is a portrait of the city of Venice in a rare state of tranquility. The images, all shot in 2021 as northern Italy recovers from Covid-19, feature uncharacteristically empty streets, squares and canals, enabling us to see the glory of the city without the ugly veil of tourism.

The Home of Street Photography

Learn the art of street photography and develop your creative skills with an expert

New! 4-day travel & street photography adventure in Venice

Our sister business, TravelSnappers, is giving you the chance to join 2 pro photographers for a workshop which combines travel, landscape & street photography – price includes 5 nights in a lovely hotel!

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Brian runs all StreetSnappers workshops and you can see the sort of images he takes by clicking here

One-to-one workshops

One-to-one and private group sessions can be arranged in London or anywhere in the world – for individuals, small groups or camera clubs

Street Photography - Online Learning

Elevate your skills and turbo-charge your creativity with an online session!

Why choose a StreetSnappers workshop?

Learn from the specialists – street photography is our passion and it’s all we do. Discover game-changing tips and techniques with a pro street photographer, best-selling author and photojournalist


Understand the aesthetic of street photography and create meaningful street images – not pictures of random strangers sitting in cafes or walking past walls!

Build your confidence and conquer your fear of shooting strangers on the street; understand the legalities of street photography

Learn how to develop meaningful projects, bringing a real focus and a sense of purpose to your work – whilst finding your ‘voice’ and developing your style

Learn how to shoot quickly, discretely and unobtrusively and how to recognise and capture the ‘decisive moment’

Learn how to be streetwise; become proficient at ‘reading the streets’ and learn how to see and observe, creating distinctive and personal perspectives for your work

Master the technical aspects of street photography; you’ll learn how a professional street photographer sets up and uses his camera

Join the Collective! Once you’ve attended a workshop, you’ll be invited to join the StreetSnappers Street Photography Collective for critique, discussion, monthly challenges, inspiration, exhibitions and meet-ups

Buy the Joel Meyerowitz online course

We have teamed-up with Joel and his partners at Masters of Photography to bring you what must be the best online street photography course available. Click below for details!

Street photography workshops UK

UK street photography workshops

Our current street photography workshop programme includes London, Liverpool, Manchester, Hull and Blackpool. Led by a professional street photographer and with a maximum of six participants, this street photography course is structured, challenging and inspiring – as well as being great fun. Book early to guarantee your preferred date! Click HERE for details.

Venice street photography workshop 2021

Photography workshops in Europe

Treat yourself to an enticing combination of documentary, travel and street photography on one of our immersive workshop experiences. We will be running group and one-to-one workshops during 2021-22 in Venice, Prague, Paris and Lisbon – with other destinations covered on request. Learn new skills, meet new friends and take your photography to a new level in a charming place!

Individual training in street photography

One-to-one street photography workshops

Power-up your street photography with individual coaching & mentoring. We will tailor a unique learning experience for you – from an intensive 1-day workshop to a career development programme spread over several months. We’ll come to you – workshops in any city worldwide. Click HERE for details of our private learning experiences.

Urban landscape photography workshop Manchester

Urban Landscape workshops

Held in London and Manchester, these workshops explores humans’ relationship with the built environment. We combine elements of architectural, cityscape and street photography – with a particular emphasis on the use of light and shadow. Discover how to produce stylish and distinctive images which reflect urban life in the 21st century. Click HERE for details.

“All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice.”

- Elliott Erwitt

1-Day workshops

Night shooting

The Masterclass

Urban Landscape

Bespoke 1-2-1 workshops



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From the street photography blog . . .

News, developments and insights from the world of street photography

How to Shoot Street Portraits

How to Shoot Street Portraits

I’m often asked about whether we should ask strangers if we can take their picture and, if so, is it really street photography? We usually refer to these pictures as street portraits - and they’re becoming very popular. For me, a street portrait  is a posed, rather...

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Far too many people I’ve met, particularly during the past 18 months, have been affected by some form of mental health issue, ranging from very mild anxiety to crippling depression - maybe due to the pandemic, maybe not. So what, you may be thinking, has that got to...

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10 Tips for shooting street photography at night

10 Tips for shooting street photography at night

Shooting street photography at night There’s no doubt that some great street photography can be done during the hours of darkness and night shooting is something we should all try; it's almost a rite of passage. Think neon lights, shop windows, reflections, car...

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New! Street Photography Bookshop

New! Street Photography Bookshop

I'm often asked what street photography books I'm reading at the moment - or what my current recommendations are. So I've curated my list of favourites and have put them all in one place.Please have a look at my online bookshop. All the books here are for sale through...

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Do you like street photography and running?

Do you like street photography and running?

You're possibly aware that I'm nuts about Venice. I'm less nuts about running, but I try to do it to stay fit and to compensate for all the over-indulgence. However, as a birthday present two years ago, Johannah bought me entry into the Venice 10K run and I have to...

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Street photography and JBDI

Street photography and JBDI

I once had a boss whose motto was 'JBDI' (just bloody do it!) and I think he had a point. I'm constantly hearing about street photographers complaining because 'there's nothing to do'. Well, I think they're wrong and there is plenty to do. Yesterday I needed to be in...

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I googled street photography workshops and this came up top – and it was top in every way after that. I wanted to learn with someone who does just street photography, not someone who does it on the side. Brian is the guy! One of my goals for the workshop was to become more confident and that’s exactly what happened. I also learned about composition, light and loads more. More importantly, we were taught not to shoot boring stuff (the busker or the guy crossing the road with his dog, as Brian referred to it). There’s loads of boring street photography around and on the workshop we took our levels way above that. The engagement with Brian before, during and post the workshop was brilliant and the whole thing gave me the kick I needed. Bravo Brian –  I think I can now call myself a street photographer!

Matt L

East London

This street photography workshop was destined to sit head and shoulders above would-be competitors in the genre in the UK, and was full of promise. For a start, the “Streetsnappers” website is dedicated to this genre alone. In addition, it did not go unnoticed that Brian, the workshop leader, showed a keen interest in gaining an understanding of his students’ individual skill levels in the days leading up to the Workshop. It seems to me that this is of paramount importance to effective teaching, yet is is so often missing from the offer of some other companies in this field. The day started with a comprehensive briefing over coffee where Brian’s interest in his students and where his enthusiasm and expertise in street photography shone through. Technical information was shared in an easy-going, interactive style and it was quickly apparent that part of Brian’s working life involves academic teaching.

Richard B


I am a fairly experienced photographer but new to street photography. I wanted a course that would challenge me, teach me some new ways of working and help conquer my reluctance to shoot strangers. This course delivered on all counts. Our course leader, Brian, was a very experienced photographer with a real talent for getting the message across in an engaging way. He put us at ease right from our first encounter and worked hard with every member of the group from the beginning of the workshop to the end of the day. All in all a very worthwhile, fun, informative, provocative and top value day. Thank you Steetsnappers, I’ll be back for more!

Robin Y


I spent a wonderful day with Brian on Sunday. We had a mixed bag of weather but this didn’t hinder the fun. I wanted to spend a day to up my confidence levels, build a foundation for me to move forward with and glean as much information as I could from a pro! A pro he is but one that is wiling to share every tip he possibly can with you. His style of teaching was perfect for me and I really cannot recommend this course highly enough. There is structure to the day but Brian is happy to go off piste and deal with anything you may throw at him.
Victoria M


Brian Lloyd Duckett

Brian Lloyd Duckett


My interest in street photography started when, as a photojournalist, I pounded the streets of London, shooting material for news and features. I’m a brand ambassador for Fujifilm – an ‘Official Fujifilm X-Photographer’. When I’m not working as a street photographer I run a commercial and editorial photography business, I lecture on photography degree courses, I lecture at camera clubs and I’m a featured writer / photographer in photographic and travel magazines. My first street photography book, ‘Mastering Street Photography’, is  a best-seller and my latest book, based on 52 street photography projects, is now available. Please check out my YouTube channel, which is 100% street!

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