It’s something a number of people have been asking! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with my lovely M240, which provided a truly visceral shooting experience and which produced quite stunning JPEGs. Using a Leica is a bit like driving a classic car: whilst it is a joy to use and you feel ‘connected’ to it, it will never tick enough boxes to make the investment truly worthwhile. My other issue is that I often shoot in areas which are ‘edgy’ to say the least; that big red dot can be like a magnet to the eyes of those who could live for 6-8 months on the proceeds of one camera.

So, the time came when I needed to strengthen my commitment to Fujifilm and the whole Fuji eco-system (which I now use for my commercial work as well as street). For street photography, I find Fuji cameras to be smaller, lighter, quieter and generally more discreet; the lenses are terrific (it’s the scientific instruments heritage) and those X-Trans sensors produce outrageously good JPEGs. Who needs RAW files?!

But, of course, it’s a personal choice. Olympus, Sony and Ricoh all make very decent cameras for street photography and we have to go out there and find what works best for us. Personally, I’ve tried them all and have found the system that works best for me.

If there are any Leica users out there who are looking for lenses, I have a new and unused Voigtlander 35mm 1.4 and a Voigtlander 21mm for sale, also a brand new Leica M240 battery – please email me for details.

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