Congratulations to Catherine Peakman, whose superb image (below) won first prize in the Photo24 competition. Photo24 London is a 24 hour photo marathon on the streets of London, sponsored by Fujifilm UK. Catherine wins £1,500-worth of Fuji equipment.

I asked Catherine about her winning image . . .


1. This is a great observation: how did it catch your eye?
I spent some time trying to think of an idea to match the theme ‘6 inches off the ground’ but I was struggling to capture anything worth while.  I was just about to give up when these heels starting twinkling at me. I love a good outfit and the combo of the heels, fringed dress and foot position was something I couldn’t pass by.

2. What gear did you use?
The Fujifilm XT-2 with the XF 18-55mm lens which I had on loan from the Fuji Team at Photo24 HQ. I’d wanted to have a go with a Fuji for some time, I loved it so much I really struggled to give it back!

3. What settings did you use?

ISO: 250
1/60 sec

4. Was the woman aware you were taking the pic?
No… I do like to ask permission when I can but I wasn’t sure whether asking for a ‘foot photo’ would go down very well in this instance.

5. How do you find street photography generally? What do you find easy / difficult?
Having that split second to get the shot can be frustrating but getting a photo you are proud of makes it all worthwhile.  I’ve learnt to rush less and focus more on my backgrounds and composition rather than just shooting anything and everything.  I’ve also recently started to enjoy less candid street photography.  The thought of asking someone’s permission for a photo used to fill me with dread, but, the more I started to ask people the more I realised that most people say yes.

6. What about the future? Will this experience motivate you to do more?
Definitely!  It’s really helped my confidence and given more faith in my photos. The standard of all the images entered into the 24hour challenge was really high, I didn’t even think I’d get into the top 20 let alone win, it’s given me a real boost, I’m still smiling now.

7. How do you plan to spend your £1500 Fujifilm prize?

Seeing as it helped me win, I’m going to get the XT-2.

8. Apart from your success in the competition, what were the good / memorable / funny things about Photo24?
I loved how friendly and supportive everyone was.  There was no sense of superiority among the photographers and I met some great people who were more than happy to have a chat and share advice and techniques. I also really enjoyed shooting at the NHS march which took place on the Saturday morning.  There were some great photo opportunities and being in the thick of the demonstration itself was quite an emotional experience (something I hope will come across in my photos).
9. What would you say to other photographers who haven’t yet experienced Photo24?
Do it! I went on my own not really knowing what to expect but the experience was brilliant. If you get a place my advice would be to book on as many photo walks and workshops as you can, travel light (I took 1 camera and 1 lens), talk to people, share tips, borrow cameras, pack plasters and enjoy every single minute.

10. Will you be back next year?
I really hope so.

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