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If (and only if!!) you have already attended a StreetSnappers workshop – whenever and wherever in the world it was – you’re entitled to join our Alumni group on Facebook– the Club. This is an online forum, critique and discussion group where you can share your images, ask questions, talk about gear, organise meet-ups and much more. It’s a friendly, inclusive and helpful place to hang out so do join in.

People tell us that it is the street photography critique element of the group they value the most. When members post an image for critique they invariably receive constructive, honest and friendly feedback – rather than the bland ‘awesome capture’ sort of comments we often see on social media.

We also hold a monthly competition on a set theme – designed to challenge you in a specific area of street photography. The winner and two runners-up each month get points which add up at the end of the year to produce an overall winner, who receives a weekend street photography Masterclass workshop worth £445.

This is a private group specifically for those who have been through our workshop programme. It was designed to provide an online meeting place where all things relating to street photography can be discussed in a mutually supportive way. I you have attended a workshop but are not yet a member of the club, please get in touch – the door is always open.

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