We have been looking at establishing a workshop in the amazing city of Prague for some time and the ball is now rolling!

I have just spent a week in the Czech Republic, looking at locations, venues and shooting opportunities – of which there are plenty. Prague has it all – wonderful architecture, charismatic street scenes and plenty of ‘characters’. It’s an economical place to travel to, accommodation is cheap and food & drink costs much less than it does in the UK and many other European cities.

Our workshop will go beyond street photography, adding some urban/architectural photography and photojournalism into the mix. It’ll make for an exciting couple of days!

Watch this space for further developments, or just let me know if you would like to register your interest in a Prague street photography workshop in late spring, 2016.

Prague-street-photography-workshop-1197 Prague-street-photography-workshop-1213 Prague-street-photography-workshop-1191 Prague-street-photography-workshop-1185 Prague-street-photography-workshop-1172 Prague-street-photography-workshop-1161 Prague-street-photography-workshop-1202

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