**FULLY booked** East London street photography workshop: 13 November 2021


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London Shoreditch street photography workshop with Brian Lloyd Duckett, Fujifilm Ambassador


This part of London offers some terrific street photography opportunities, with some of the most colourful and characterful people, street markets, street art and buildings you’ll see anywhere. After a comprehensive tuition and discussion session, we will take to the streets of Shoreditch and and Brick Lane areas, looking for new angles, creative approaches and, as ever, some witty interpretations of life on the streets.

This immersive, intensive learning experience will help elevate your street photography to a new level. With a maximum of 6 participants, the workshop is designed to help you become a creative, competent and confident street photographer. It will combine structured shooting with coaching from your course leader, Brian Lloyd Duckett.

This workshop is as much about about the ‘art’ than it is about the technical aspects of street photography. As well as learning great new street photography techniques and creative approaches, you will discover how to produce stylish and distinctive images which reflect life on the street in the 21st century, focusing on three key styles of shooting: utilising the ‘moment’, developing a narrative and understanding the fine art / aesthetic approach.



Before the workshop

3-4 days before the workshop you’ll be sent comprehensive joining instructions with details of the meeting venue, start and finish times and a brief questionnaire about you and your objectives – which we ask you to complete in advance of the workshop. This helps us ensure that the workshop can be geared, as far as possible, to the participants’ needs.


Workshop Structure

Morning briefing / tutorial session (10.30am start)

 This is a critical part of the day, where we explore such issues as:

  • Exploring 3 creative approaches to street photography
  • How to build your confidence as a street photographer
  • Ethical and legal considerations
  • Fieldcraft: the techniques we use on the streets
  • Gear selection, camera settings and technical issues

Morning session: street shooting

We spend the rest of the morning out shooting, working on specific techniques and approaches, working mostly as a group

Afternoon session: street shooting

After a short lunch break, we continue to build on the lessons learnt during the morning whilst working on some additional techniques; you will be undertaking a number of challenges and tasks throughout the day.

De-brief session

Workshops usually finish around 5pm, when we find a quiet corner in the pub for a de-brief, Q&A session and further discussion over a well-earned drink.


What will you learn on the day?

  • Develop a street photographer’s ‘eye’ and learn how to spot a photo opportunity in an everyday street scene
  • Appreciate the various approaches to street photography
  • Learn how to conceive and undertake meaningful ‘projects’
  • Start to develop your own style
  • Conquer your fear of photographing strangers
  • Become invisible and shoot your environment quietly and unobtrusively
  • Learn the technical aspects of street photography: equipment, composition, exposure, light and focus
  • Learn how a professional street photographer sets up his camera for fast and accurate shooting
  • Learn how manual focusing can speed up your work and make you more effective as a street photographer
  • Understand the key legal and ethical aspects of street photography


After the workshop

Workshop follow-up

We will send you an extensive follow-up note, with a recommended reading list, links to films and videos and other helpful resources. Critique is an important part of the leaning process and you’ll be invited to submit images for constructive critique to help keep your development on-track.

As far as we’re concerned, the workshop ‘never ends’ and we are always here for support and advice as your street photography journey progresses.


The StreetSnappers Collective

You’ll be invited to join the StreetSnappers Collective, the ‘virtual’ camera club dedicated to street photography. Membership is completely free and is restricted to those who have participated in our workshops. It’s a small, select and welcoming group of people with a shared passion: street photography.

Benefits of the club include access to a lively, active and very warm Facebook group where you can post images for critique, ask questions (about gear, techniques or locations, for example) or create debate about street photography. Members can arrange meet-ups in their areas, form critique circles and organise their own events.

There’s a monthly competition designed to challenge and stretch you, whilst continuing to develop your skills in specific areas.


What level is this workshop?

This is for people who are familiar with their camera and have a grasp of the basic exposure settings. You may be new to the genre of street photography or you may be an experienced shooter who wants to refine and improve your technique.


What gear do you need?

 Any camera model / make is fine, whether it’s a compact, bridge, mirrorless, CSC or DSLR. We also warmly welcome people who prefer to shoot on film. You will ideally have a lens which has a focal length of around 28 or 35mm (full-frame equivalent) or around 18 or 24mm (APS-C sensor). If you don’t a have a prime lens, a zoom will be fine. You won’t need a flash or tripod for this workshop.


Your workshop leader: Brian Lloyd Duckett

With a background in photojournalism, Brian is a London-based documentary photographer and professional street photographer. He teaches as a visiting lecturer on photography degree courses and is a board member of the BPPA (British Press Photographers’ Association). He is an Official Fujifilm X-Photographer. You can see some of his personal work here.

Brian has a relaxed and engaging teaching style and offers lots of individual, hands-on coaching. His two books, ‘Mastering Street Photography’ and ’52 Assignments: Street Photography’, are published by Ammonite Press and have become best-sellers. You can also see Brian’s street photography education videos on YouTube here.



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