NIGHT SHOOTING street photography workshop, 4 November 2022 (London)


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Street photography night shooting workshop (London’s West End, Soho & Chinatown)


Soho has long been associated with street photography in the hours of darkness. The narrow streets, the alleyways, the pubs & restaurants, the characters, the revellers, the neon lights – it all adds up to a recipe for some distinctive, stylised work. On this street photography at night workshop, we’ll split our time between Soho and Chinatown, working on both abstract and documentary-style images.

With a maximum of 6 participants, this workshop is designed to introduce you to street photography at night. It will combine structured shooting with coaching from your course leader, Brian Lloyd Duckett, and you’ll learn some of the essential techniques techniques and creative approaches to shooting after dark.



What level is this workshop?

This is an intermediate level workshop; you should have a grasp of the basics of street photography and be familiar with your camera.


What you will learn

  • Appreciate the aesthetics of and various approaches to after-dark street photography.
  • Guidance on developing your own style as a street photographer and on how to conceive and undertake projects.
  • Understand the components of a great street image.
  • Learn how to make the most of ambient light sources.
  • Practice different types of night shooting and discover your preferred style of street photography.
  • Practice conquering your fear of photographing strangers.
  • Learn how to work in the shadows, being invisible and shooting your environment quietly and unobtrusively.
  • Learn the technical aspects of night-time street photography: equipment, composition, exposure, light and focus.
  • Optimise your camera settings for shooting on the streets at night.
  • Learn how to photograph safely in difficult situations or areas and how to interact effectively with the public.



  • We meet at 5pm for introductions, tuition and a thorough briefing over a quick drink in Soho (around 30 minutes).
  • Our itinerary will take us to some great street photography ‘hot spots’, mainly around Soho and Chinatown.
  • Our small group sizes allow participants to receive a significant amount of one-to-one tuition and coaching from the course leader, Brian Lloyd Duckett, a professional street photographer and photojournalist.
  • We will finish the workshop at around 9pm following a short debrief and Q&A session.
  • Individual critique for photos taken on the evening is available during the week following the course.
  • After the course, participants will be encouraged to keep in touch through our street photography club.


After the workshop

Workshop follow-up

We will send you an extensive follow-up note, with a recommended reading list, links to films and videos and other helpful resources. Critique is an important part of the leaning process and you’ll be invited to submit images for constructive critique to help keep your development on-track.

As far as we’re concerned, the workshop ‘never ends’ and we are always here for support and advice as your street photography journey progresses.


The StreetSnappers Collective

After the Liverpool street photography workshop, you’ll be invited to join the StreetSnappers Collective, a hub dedicated to street photography. Membership is completely free and is restricted to those who have participated in our workshops. It’s a small, select and welcoming group of people with a shared passion: street photography.

Benefits of the Collective include access to a lively, active and very warm Facebook group where you can post images for critique, ask questions (about gear, techniques or locations, for example) or create debate about street photography. Members can arrange meet-ups in their areas, form critique circles and organise their own events. There’s also a monthly competition designed to challenge and stretch you, whilst continuing to develop your skills in specific areas.


What level is this workshop?

This is for people who are familiar with their camera and have a grasp of the basic exposure settings. You may be new to the genre of street photography or you may be an experienced street shooter who wants to refine and improve your technique.


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