Street Photography Projects – A Brainstorming Session (over Zoom)



We should all be working on projects and, for many street photographers, they are the ‘backbone’ of their creative out put.Projects will bring a real sense of purpose, motivation and fulfillment to your work, allowing you to construct and showcase a cohesive body of work. But many people struggle with  street photography projects and, ultimately, many good ideas never get off the ground. This one-hour session, held online over a Zoom video conference call, will help you kickstart those projects and will provide you with the motivation and the stimulus to get on with it! (don’t worry if you haven’t used Zoom before – it’s very easy and we’ll send you instructions).

The time is yours and it’s up to you how you use it. You could, for example, use our session together to:

  • Develop ideas for a new project from scratch
  • Brainstorming any aspects of projects (street or documentary)
  • Bring some focus and put some ‘flesh on the bone’ to an existing idea
  • Give your project ideas a ‘reality check’
  • Help formulate a detailed project plan
  • Explore outlets for your project: zines, books, exhibitions and online

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