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This is the last newsletter of the spring and I sure that, before too long, we’ll be all out on the streets again, doing what we love. I took my first tentative steps out with my camera earlier this week and visited a packed Blackpool in almost 30 degrees of hot sunshine. Although crowded, it didn’t feel like ‘Blackpool’ with the lack of trams, donkeys and alcohol consumption all contributing to an unusually conservative ambience. Having said that, there was enough subject matter to keep me motivated and I came home with a handful of keepers. I particularly liked this one, with what appears to be a wet body recently hauled out of the sea and being completely ignored by passers-by . . .

I’m sure that, in a few weeks or so, Blackpool will be back to its old self and if you fancy doing a 1-day workshop there, there’s still space available on the 15th August workshop. We always have a great time on Blackpool workshops and, as one recent participant delicately put it, “It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on”.

Workshops are returning – cautiously

Workshops have not been operating during the lockdown period and all participants were offered either refunds or places on future workshops. Based on current Government and scientific advice, we are now starting to tentatively resume workshop activities and have undertaken a number of measures to help ensure your comfort and safety.

  • Workshop places are currently limited to 5 participants, in accordance with official regulations.
  • Social distancing measures will be strictly observed during all workshop activities.
  • The
    morning briefing session over coffee will not take place until social
    distancing measures have eased. This session, however, will remain an
    important part of the workshop and the content will be delivered in
    structured modules throughout our working day.
  • The
    post-workshop drinks will not take place until further notice. There
    will be a debrief and Q&A session at the end of the day which will
    be held in an open public space.
  • Any
    workshop participants who have tested positive for the virus, or who
    are symptomatic, will be urged not to attend the workshop and will be
    offered either a refund or a place on a future workshop.

I hope this doesn’t sound too draconian but it is better to be safe than sorry and we have a duty of care to each other to play by the rules and ensure that we can operate as safely as is humanly possible.

We’re constantly monitoring the situation in terms of scientific advice, official regulations and best-practice and hope to gradually return to normal as the year progresses. In the meantime, thank you for your understanding, co-operation and support!  

Living La Vida Lockdown!

A terrific chap called Nick Cornwall, who has been on four of my workshops, has been working on an exciting and far-reaching project called ‘Living La Vida Lockdown’.

Nick says: “I used to wake up every morning wondering if I’d been dreaming, and then I’d flick on the radio beside my bed. Lockdown. It was true. Every day now had very limited opportunities, and limitless time. One bike ride a day was within the rules, so I added one photo session to each ride to try and capture how others were coping. Living La Vida Lockdown was born.

“For fun we are trying to get someone in all 193 countries to check our page out: in 11 weeks over 29,000 people in 140 different countries have done so. If you can help us spread the LLVL word by sharing this with your friends all over the world, we would be very grateful.

“I have added a Just Giving link below. I am a passionate supporter of Carney’s Community which provides love, delicious food, and mentoring alongside the opportunity to learn yoga, boxing and music to the young people of South West London. I would be really grateful if you could help support the incredible staff who work tirelessly on behalf of our community, particularly in these difficult times.” You can read more about Nick’s project on his website and he has also set up a Just Giving page for donations to a very worthwhile cause. In the meantime, here are a few images . . .

Webinar with Fujifilm: Introduction to Street Photography

My livestream Fujifilm webinar is next Thursday 2nd July at 7pm and you can register here. If you’re new to street photography, or would like a refresher on some key points, do tune in! Oh, and it’s for everyone – whether you’re a Fujifilm user or not 🙂


How to take street portraits

many times, when you’re walking the streets, do you see someone who
looks really interesting and think ‘I’d love to ask them for a picture’
and then back out? Many of us find this awkward, difficult or even
intimidating. So I’ve put together an article and a short video about
how we can make taking street portraits a little easier.

Click here to tread the full article: Article – Or click here to watch the video: Video


Readers’ zines – Les Telford

I mentioned last time that I’m trying to feature your zines in every issue and this week it’s the turn of Les Telford, another workshop student. Here’s what Les had to say about producing his first zine:

“For someone who has worked as a freelance translator for 32 years, driven by deadlines, usually yesterday if at all possible, the lockdown resulting from coronavirus (for all its horrors) has represented an enforced relaxation. Waiting has become one aspect of the new normal. Finally, therefore, I had time to produce that zine I’d long been intending to do (while also reducing the time available for decorating – win/win!). I was aware that I’ve often been drawn in my street photography to people, people with dogs, or just dogs … waiting. Sometimes an opportunity for contemplation, other times a source of frustration, to be borne with resignation. With so much time on my hands, though, I inevitably spent far too long on the process. However, it was a great learning process, and zine no. 2 “Rumbled” (soon available, you read it here first!) was completed much faster.”

The zine was produced by Mixam, 36pp, printed in B&W on 170gsm uncoated paper with a 300gsm uncoated cover. Les is happy happy to sell copies at £5 including UK p&P via PayPal (

If you would like your own zine featured in a future edition of the newsletter, please let me know.

Here’s the cover, along with one of the pics:

I hope you found this newsletter interesting / useful and, as ever, if you have any ideas or requests for future content, please yell. If you would like to register to receive regular newsletters (only every 1-2 weeks and never anything spammy), please click here.


Best wishes,

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