As anyone local to this truly fine city will tell you, street photography in Liverpool is FUN. I grew up 20 miles from Liverpool and know the place well. If you invest a little time in getting to know the city, finding its rhythm and putting in the leg-work you won’t go home empty-handed. So what makes it so beguiling?

  • It’s a city of contrasts: rich/poor, old/new, modern/traditional, happy/sad, funny/serious, sober/drunk, formal/relaxed . . . and so on.
  • The locals are ‘up for it’. People are generally quite relaxed about having a camera pointed at them and I rarely encounter problems when I’m ‘caught’. There is an inherent ‘happiness’ about Liverpool.
  • Some of the architecture is stunning and it’s well worth a trip for that reason alone.
  • There is good scope for the urban landscape genre of street photography.
  • There is a great choice of locations within the city centre: squares, shopping areas, Lime Street station, the docks, the riverside, two cathedrals, a university quarter, the Tate, the Bluecoat Gallery and about a hundred branches of Greggs (always good for a snap). I could go on and on . . .
  • The Open Eye Gallery (Liverpool’s super version of London’s Photographers’ Gallery).
  • The pubs are great. Or so I’m told.

So, for me, Liverpool is one big photo-opportunity. My next Liverpool street photography workshop is on Saturday 24th June. Liverpool is very accessible by rail, air and road (2 hours from London by train) and accommodation is cheap and plentiful. I’m in the process of re-organising my Liverpool archive put have posted a few pics here to give you a flavour.

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