I met Cristina on a workshop last year and, like most workshop students, she became part of our Alumni network of street photographers. This is a great way for me to watch how people develop and progress over subsequent months and years and I was delighted to hear that Cristina was asked to exhibit her work on Sweden a few months ago. I asked Cristina about her exhibition . . .

“The library in my hometown Sundbyberg, just outside Stockholm, Sweden, has a nice airy space for exhibitions by local artists. I popped the question and after a long year of waiting I could open my exhibition by the end of October 2019.

The hardest part was of course to decide which pictures to show. I had different ideas but decided to stick with photos with similar expression: city, night, darkness, bright colours, profiles…

I wished I had many more high-quality frames in that genre to choose from. But as it was I decided to print twenty images that went good together and formed a clear body of work, even if all of them did not meet my highest quality standards. But the ones that did, I printed larger to catch people eyes, and obviously they did their job, and I sold quite a few copies.

From a professional photographer-friend I got the tip to print the photos directly on aluminium. It turned out to be a lucky strike, giving the photos an industrial and “streety” look. And with a half-matte surface and without glass there were absolutely no reflections in the strong spotlights. Also sturdy in a public space like the library.

Even though I had already shared many of the photos on Instagram, the impression of big prints on a wall in a spacious well-lit room, is of course totally different. I got lots of positive response. Prints from Soho taken during Brian´s night workshop in March were popular, exotic to Swedish eyes, since there isn´t a Chinatown in Stockholm.

I could never anticipate the enormous amount of work it took to create this small and simple exhibit. Had I known, would I have done it? Absolutely. The joy of sharing my work with others made it worth every minute of hard decision-making and agony over delayed prints.”

Street photography exhibition
Street photography exhibition
Street photography exhibition
Street photography exhibition

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