It’s always satisfying to watch people develop after their initial workshop experience. I’m delighted that an image by Jonathan Gliksten, from Sydney, has been selected for the Head-on Photo Festival in Sydney next month ( Jonathan attended one of my workshops last year in London and it’s been great to watch him grow as a street photographer ever since.

I asked Jonathan about this image . . .

“I took this image on my walk home from work.  The golden hours in Sydney coincide well with morning and evening rush hour in Summer and so I try to make a habit of walking to and from work with camera in hand. But on this day, photography prospects weren’t looking too good. The skies were overcast and a searing heat was keeping many people off the streets.  As I neared home, my luck picked up with hot 100 kph wind gusts blasting through the city and causing chaos for commuters.  The photo opportunities were limitless:  hats and hair flying, prams taking off, people, bikes and trees being blown over.  After grabbing a few opportunistic shots, I realised that people were so busy trying to cope with the wind that they just didn’t care about me taking shots and that I could hang around and work the scene.  It gave me time to reset shutter speed to 1/1000 sec and pay more attention to composition.  This picture was about the 20th and last I took at the scene.

“What pleased me most about this image is that it rewarded me for a change in technique.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get back to Europe for a Streetsnappers workshop lately (and am still waiting for Brian’s circuit to come to Australia!) but I have spent time recently shooting with Australian In-Public photographer, Jesse Marlow.  It’s really noticeable how Jesse works a scene.  Instead of my old approach of trying to grab one or 2 shots without getting caught, Jesse takes 20-30 shots, constantly adjusting his height, distance, point of view and composition… and still doesn’t get caught!  I’ve since tried to follow Jesse’s technique and I think that it paid off for me here, giving me multiple chances of capturing the moment.  The irony is that whilst some have kindly commented that the image captures great moment, it was, in fact, just one pick of multiple moments at the scene that day”.  

Thanks, Jonathan, for sharing this with us – what a great story!

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