You’re possibly aware that I’m nuts about Venice. I’m less nuts about running, but I try to do it to stay fit and to compensate for all the over-indulgence. However, as a birthday present two years ago, Johannah bought me entry into the Venice 10K run and I have to say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. The views are just breathtaking and make you easily forget about the pain. I don’t use the word lightly, but I’d say that this is an ‘iconic’ event and one I intend to do every year.

This year, the run is on 24th October and is open to anyone to take part (you can register here). If you would like to run along with me, that would be great (and to give you an idea of my ability – or inability – I’ll be aiming for a time of around 1:15, so I’m in it for the fun, not the glory). The Venice Marathon runs alongside the 10K, so there’s a big festival atmosphere with a race village etc and I can thoroughly recommend the experience.

But the big bonus is that you can incorporate a workshop into your trip! I’m doing a 2-day midweek workshop on October 20-21 (starting with supper on the 19th). This should be an interesting one as it coincides with Venice Fashion Week, which always makes the streets rather interesting. There is one place remaining if you fancy joining us.

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