New workshop: ‘Inspired by Saul Leiter’

Learn how to shoot like Saul Leiter in this immersive street photography workshop in London.

Leiter’s contribution to the genre of street photography is remarkable. Having initially trained as a painter (and a rabbi!), he brought a very distinctive aesthetic to street photography. His work is more in vogue now than ever before and his compositional skills, his use of colour and his creation of atmosphere are sublime.

Leiter wasn’t the sort photographer who was interested in the bleakness, pain and suffering of everyday life. Instead, he was attracted by the positive and uplifting moments and images of his environment; the lovely colour and the beauty of everyday life. In the workshop we explore the four ‘pillars’ of his approach: shape, colour, tight framing and abstraction.

My new 1-day street photography workshop will teach you about Saul Leiter, his approach, his style, his techniques, his values and his compositional skills.

Workshops are on 23 April and 6 August 2022 and are limited to 6 places per workshop.

I happen to believe in simple things and the beauty of simple things. I believe that the most uninteresting thing can be interesting.


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