Neil has been on several of my workshops and, like me, he is passionate about Venice. In fact, he’s just published a book of his terrific shots – “Images of Venice – Dawn till Dusk” (click HERE to view or buy it). I asked Neil for his thoughts on Venice and the story behind the book . . .

“I love Venice. It’s magical, mysterious, intriguing and truly unique. I have visited many times and some years ago it became the obvious choice for my wedding venue.

The decision to make a photobook was for two reasons. First, I had lots of images of Venice and second, encouraged by family and friends, I felt I now had some images of sufficient quality to share more widely.

I found the Blurb website intuitive and simple to use for creating my first photobook. The hardest task was shortlisting the images I had from the hundreds I had available, and spending time reviewing them over and over again was time well spent. This was not something to be rushed.

Once I had a first draft layout of the photobook I sought comment and advice from my family, asking them to view it dispassionately and as potential purchasers. The advice was invaluable and resulted in me changing a number of images and the order in which they appeared in the book. Again, this was not a process to be rushed. I eventually settled on 52 images, presented under the heading of Images of Venice: Dawn till Dusk.
Do I like the finished result? Yes I do; it’s something I feel very proud of. And yes, I’d like it to sell but this is much more about my personal development as a photographer. I took to serious photography later in life: for me it represents a (sometimes futile) search to discover the artistic side of my brain. After a lifetime’s career as a senior manager and academic, I’m more proud of this photobook than most of my professional publications because it represents my own personal efforts. Yes, I’ve had some great advice and been on some great photography workshops but the final results are my sole responsibility.

I think publishing their first photobook must be a key milestone in any photographer’s career. It says to the world, I want to be taken seriously as a photographer. Consequently, it raises the bar for all their future work. For me, it represents a significant personal achievement. I still have so much to learn but now I see my work in print I will relish the future journey of developing my photography skills with even more enthusiasm.”

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