We all make them, we all break them. Are new year resolutions worth the bother or are they just something we do to make us feel good about ourselves at midnight on 31st December? Do I make them? Usually. Do I keep them? Rarely. But this year things will be different; I’m making some ground rules for my own street photography which I intend to stick to.

Have a deep, critical and analytical think about your own street photography and make your own resolutions. If you’d like to share your idaeas with me, I’ll re-post them (anonymously if you wish) on our social media channels. Here are mine . . .

  1. Shoot more colour. I seem to have got into a rut of thinking and shooting in monochrome and sometimes forget there’s a very colourful world out there. It’s to easy to ‘do what we’ve always done’.
  2. Be brutal in selecting what ‘goes public’. In 2017, I will share only what I think is good enough to unleash on the outside world.
  3. Take more time. I will dedicate more time to my own street photography; I will slow down (even more) and will become (even more) observant.
  4. Print / exhibit more. A hard drive full of images is hardly the most fulfilling end to a year’s hard work.
  5. Think more. Be more reflective, take fewer pictures, visualise the end product.

Let’s see what happens. Maybe this time next year I’ll be eating my words – but I don’t think so. We’ll see.

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