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I hope you’re in fine health and good spirits – and were not too tempted by the opening of Weatherspoon’s at 8am this morning!

If you missed my free webinar on Thursday evening, you can catch up with it here. Whilst it was produced by Fujifilm, it’s relevant to users of any camera system and I hope there’s something there for everyone. It’s based around 10 tips for making your street photography a success, so please do have a look (and I’d be super-grateful if you could share it).

Your image of the week

This week I’m pleased to feature an image by Richard Keeling, who I’ve worked with on a couple of workshops over the past few years. Richard has a terrific eye for a shot, as this image demonstrates:

This, in my view, is classic street photography, showing a neat composition and great timing. Richard said: I didnt actually intend to have the rainbow coming out then back of the sweeper.. I was just passing on my bike, saw the guy going up and down against the colourful background which Harrods had on its windows during lockdown, and thought it’d be worth a shot. I took quite a few of him put the camera away and carried onto work. Only when I had a flick through I noticed this one with the rainbow coming out the back. I hadn’t even noticed the writing at the time, which I think adds something to the image. Luck played a huge part in this image if I’m honest.”

I’ve often said that there’s a huge amount of luck in street photography and this image proves the point. For those of you who are interested in the settings, they were: 1/1800 sec, f/3.6, 1,000 ISO – shot on a Fujifilm X-Pro2 with 35mm f/2 lens (50mm equivalent). If you would like to see more of Richard’s work (and I recommend you take a look), you can check him out on Instagram here. I have strong feeling that he’s ‘one to watch’.

Muflon straps for street photography

I’m a distributor for these wonderful wrist straps, hand-made by a real craftsman in Lisbon. I always advocate the use of wrist straps and the camera will always be in your hand and ready to react quickly. There are two types of strap available – one made out of climbing rope (in red or grey) and the other is in leather (black); there’s also a lovely leather neck strap (the ‘Reporter’) if you prefer that style. You can buy the straps from my gear store here.

Documentary photography webinar featuring Glasgow . . .

Another of my workshop students, Pete Degnan, is co-hosting a webinar about his documentary photography. Pete will be joined by Hugh Hood and they will be discussing their archival photozine publications documenting the changing face of Glasgow in the 1970s and 80s. Pete was born in Glasgow and has been involved in photography since first acquiring a Zenith E SLR camera in 1976. In 2019 he began revisiting his archive of photographs made in Glasgow throughout the 1970s and 1980s and has recently self-published Mother Glasgow, The Glasgow Celtic Way and AhcumfaeGovan. Profiles of some of this work have appeared in The British Culture Archive and Document Scotland. The webinar takes place on 21st July at 1pm and you can register here.

Street photography Q&A

If you have a burning question about street photography please let me know and I’ll try to answer it in my next Q&A video on YouTube. In the latest Q&A session, published last Thursday, I look at diverse subjects such as metering, projects, film simulations and the future for street photography. You can check out the video here.

Workshops: the ‘new normal’

For anyone who’s considering joining me on a workshop, I’d like to reiterate the reassurances from my last newsletter that I’m taking the virus very seriously and am taking whatever steps are necessary in order to keep us all safe. This means, in essence:

  • Workshop places are currently limited to 5 participants, in accordance with official regulations.
  • Social distancing measures will be strictly observed during all workshop activities.
  • The morning briefing session over coffee will not take place until social distancing measures have eased. This session, however, will remain an important part of the workshop and the content will be delivered in structured modules throughout our working day.
  • The post-workshop drinks will not take place until further notice. There will be a debrief and Q&A session at the end of the day which will be held in an open public space.
  • Any workshop participants who have tested positive for the virus, or who are symptomatic, will be urged not to attend the workshop and will be offered either a refund or a place on a future workshop.

I’m now taking bookings again for workshops from August onwards and I have listed new workshops well into 2021. Please check out the website for dates and locations.

What I’m reading this week – ‘Butlin’s Holiday Camp 1982’

I was chuffed when this popped through the letterbox – another cracking book from Hoxton Mini Press. I’ve had an enduring fascination with the British Seaside and this book really encapsulates the spirit and atmosphere of the holiday camp. Featuring colour images by Barry Lewis, this is the 8th in the series of ‘Vintage Britain’ books from HMP – and every one of them is a gem. It’s difficult to pin this book down to a specific genre and I think it fills that really interesting space where street and documentary photography collide. Two things strike me about this book: firstly, the simplicity of the images, proving the point that there’s nothing terribly difficult or technically challenging about this type of work and, secondly, how thoroughly absorbing and rewarding it can be to get stuck into a planned, researched project.

Bag a bargain!

If you’re a street photographer you may be familiar with the exquisite ONA bags
and, if you’re in the market for a new bag I’m selling my own ONA Prince Street bag. This is the rare olive version and has been used once only – yes, just once – so it’s in absolutely mint condition. These are around £300 new and I’ll sell mine for £150 including UK postage. Please email me if you’re interested.

So that just about wraps it up for this week – huge thanks, as always, for your support.

Best wishes,

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