Street photography projects

We all get stuck for ideas from time to time and we can find ourselves lacking in inspiration when it comes to deciding what to shoot. Sometimes it just needs a virtual kick in the pants from someone else to get things moving and once you get going you’ll often find that the momentum builds quickly. Street photography projects keep us focused and motivated!

So, for the four weeks try this: shoot a project based on ‘red’. The interpretation and execution is up to you but this word must figure strongly in your images.

Working on a project in this way is how many great street photographers work; projects really focus the mind and give you a sense of purpose when you’re out shooting on the streets. If you’ve been on our street photography workshops, you’ll appreciate the significance of this ‘project mentality’. A street photography project can transform the way you work and can provide you lots of material.

Don’t worry if you get to the end of the week and you don’t have many images – just keep going and turn it into a longer project. Projects can take a matter of days to complete – or they can take several years. It really doesn’t matter. Aim to produce a cohesive body of work and pre-visualise the end result as a small photobook or perhaps a set of prints.

And if you use Instagram or Twitter, please post your work and use the #streetsnappers hashtag so we can see what you’re doing!


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