Happy New Year!

I trust you had a great festive break and are now looking forward to a new start to your street photography endeavours. Are you invigorated? Inspired? Enthused? I hope so! If you need some inspiration or a few ideas to get your brain in gear, my most recent book – ‘52 Assignments: Street Photography‘ – may help 🙂

More to the point, what are your street photography resolutions for the new year. Like me, you probably make them and break them, though this year I have a feeling it may be different – who knows? Anyway, I asked a number of former workshop students to share their resolutions with us and here are some of their thoughts:

“I’m keen to do something focused on my town Royal Wootton Bassett. Not sure what exactly but probably something linked to small businesses.” – TIM BECHERVAISE

“Be bolder, shoot more, venture out in all weather/night and day and work my way through your excellent book of assignments. (I’ll have to do it now I’ve said it in public!)” – FIONA MICHIE

“1. Ditch instagram. It’s an unhealthy place and the inspiration which is clearly there is massively outweighed by the needy.
2. Become totally blinkered regarding my own work. It might be massively unfashionable to want to emulate classic Street photography but that shouldn’t put me off. I just need to stop listening to others and continue to be me. I like the challenge I’ve set myself and because others don’t get it, that shouldn’t be a reason to quit when I hit an unproductive period, allowing me to just shrug and think ‘they were right all along’. If it isn’t a bit difficult it won’t have any personal value, IMO.
3. Read more and listen harder. I’ve got a journal of things I’ve written down this past three years and I’ve never really read it properly!”

“365 – or, as I suddenly realised this morning, 366!” – LES TELFORD

“It’s going to be a busy year for me, mainly because we’re selling up in England and moving to our other home in Scotland. Despite that I already have three workshop weekends booked. Time will dictate what else I can do. But…
1. Above all else, I must finish my ARPS portfolio and submit.
2. Be more self- critical before deciding to post.
3. Start studying composition at the interface between art and photography.” – NEIL GOODWIN

“1. Use more of my film cameras – might do a 52 week project.
2. Go out more, try different places.
3. Do everything I said I’m going to do – vlogging, competitions, FRPS etc.” – NEIL JOHANSSON

“1. Build on my photography website I started in 2019. www.peterdegnanphotography.com
2. Do some more scanning of my negatives archive
3. Read the books and magazines I have recently accrued
4. Work on seeing photos and capturing moments as opposed to scenes.

On a more personal note:
1. Avoid negativity
2. Stop trying to reason with unreasonable people, especially on social media
3. Continue to de clutter my life” – PETE DEGNAN

“1. Keeping it local. Had started on Finsbury Park project, then hit some rocky waters but back on terra firma now. 2. Have a bunch of abstract bus street shots which I think could make a good zine/book or series of small exhibitions from. Need to figure out logistics but that is my weak link. 3. Keep faith with what I do and stick with it, but keep on open mind too. 4. Continue to print off cheap 6x4s of my work. Better in the hand than on the screen. 5. Continue to buy and read photography books and go to as many exhibitions as possible to broaden my horizons. 6. Keep pushing my comfort zone. 7. Keep my X70 with me almost most of the time.” – BARRY BOTTOMLEY (@bazbot1964)

“Nope…buy the camera, book the holiday, or whatever takes your fancy. Enjoy life’s adventures with a smile…same as last year.” – PAMELA HARRADINE

“1. 100 portraits of strangers on the street. I’ve had 6-7 since 1.1.
2. Switzerland from A to Z, one after the other, and find for each place what makes it special in my eyes. and rather province than cities.
3. focus more on my photographic language. What do i want to say and above all: why?🤔But first I have to find out how to do it” – ROSELLA GMUNDER VITTO

“1. Not to return to football photography and sell all my associated Olympus gear. This gives me much more time to pursue street photography.
2. Learn more about editing in Capture One 20.
3. Keep improving and exploring new sub-genres and techniques.
4. Concentrate on composition and quality over random and aimless shooting.
5. Brian’s May Venice workshop and hopefully one or two more workshops – I really want to do the Soho night shooting workshop.” – TIM ROBERTS

“My resolutions are simple: 1. Publish my 1st zine 2. Continue printing my favourite images 3. Have a go at LRPS 4. Read all the books and watch all the DVDs I’ve acquired over the past year but mainly no 5. Carry on enjoying my photography.” – WENDY DAVIES

“A project which I’ve begun is a narrative on my home town and its characters at the start of the decade. The roaring 20’s. This is being done candidly and is gaining momentum and perhaps more significantly my enthusiasm. The working day, weekend life, blue hour, golden hour. Modes of transport. With a population of less than 7000 this is not as large a project as it seems.” – TONY LLOYD-DAVIES

“Successfully complete my BA and then let Brian take me away on holibobs” – PETE JOUSIFFE

Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts, ideas and inspiration (I love the last one). The downside is now that you’ve ‘gone public’ with all this, someone (eg. me) might hold you to account! Time will tell . . .

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