Neil is a veteran of at least four StreetSnappers workshops and he’s one of the most talented street photographers I’ve met. With an eye for a clean composition and a strong horizontal, Neil consistently produces quality work and is not afraid to push the boundaries.

I was delighted to hear that one of Neil’s images (below) is now on display as part of an RPS exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall.


I asked Neil to tell us about how it all came about . . .

Q/ It’s a wonderful image. Where was it taken and at what time of day?

A/ It was taken in Crewe in Cheshire at about 17:30pm. I try to go to different places to get interesting photos. That day I decided to go to Crewe as it wasn’t too much further than Chester on the train.

Q/ How did it come about? Did you see a great background and wait?

A/ It happened pretty quickly actually, I came upon the derelict building and was immediately aware of the potential. I love taking shots of derelict/empty shops and capturing reflections of the surrounding areas in the window. This is an ongoing project of mine. Although I took several shots of this, in the end it was the first shot I took that worked out.

I remember this day and taking this photograph particularly well as earlier on I had found out about a school friend who had passed away. It certainly had an impact on the photographs I’d taken throughout the day. I didn’t notice until looking at it later on at home, the word ‘faith’ reflected backwards in the window.

Q/ What gear and settings did you use?

A/ I used the Fujifilm X30 to take this picture. I can’t remember exact settings used, I probably had the camera on Program or Aperture Priority and as it was still light I wouldn’t have had to open the aperture up completely.

Q/ What influenced your decision to go for monochrome?

A/ The light was good and there were no strong or vibrant colours in the image. Being a fan of Film Noir and the desire to create images with a cinematic feel.

Q/ It’s now on display in the Royal Albert Hall – how did that happen?

A/ I am a member of the RPS and I entered this photo with 3 other photos into the Members’ Biennial Competition. This was photo was chosen to be part of the exhibition which has been on tour nationwide opening at The Shire Hall, Stafford and finishing off at the Royal Albert Hall.

Q/ How would you describe your style as a street photographer?

A/ I have a strong emphasis on line and composition. I like to take time to compose the image, if I can’t get what I want on that particular day I return again another time to capture what I had seen.

Q/ Which street photographers do you admire?

A/ I really admire Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vivian Maier and Saul Leiter – Saul Leiter in particular for his interesting subject matter and different compositions.

Q/ Where next? What plans do you have for your street photography?

A/ I have several projects on the go, some of which I may have sufficient photos to produce books in the not too distant future and hopefully this could lead to an exhibition.

My work is entirely digital and I would like to have more of it printed. I would also like to try out film. Additionally, I am also working on my ARPS panel.

You can connect with Neil and see more of his work here:


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