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Terms & Conditions of Booking Your Street Photography Workshop



Please read the small print carefully. Please contact us if you have any questions.


  1. THE CONTRACT. Making a booking and paying a deposit or paying the full workshop fee means that you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Our written confirmation of your booking means that we agree to abide by these terms and conditions.
  2. CANCELLATION BY YOU. Any cancellation by the client must be made in writing. The date on which the email or letter is received by us will determine the cancellation charges applicable.
    1. UK workshops: you are entitled to amend your order at any time using the email link provided at the time of placing your order; however, unfortunately we cannot accept an amendment to your order less than fourteen (14) days before the proposed date of your workshop. Any request for a cancellation of a course or amendment to your order less than twenty-eight (28) days before the proposed date of your workshop: (i) will only be granted or qualify for a refund (either in whole or in part at our sole and absolute discretion) in extreme circumstances; and (ii) must be made by emailing StreetSnappers. Refunds due to customer cancellation will be subject to a £25 administration fee.
    2. Overseas workshops: we need to book our flights and accommodation many months ahead of the workshop date so any request for a cancellation of a course or amendment to your order less than four (4) calendar months before the proposed date of your original course booking can not be accommodated unless we are able to re-sell your booking to another customer, in which case we will deduct an administration fee of £75.
  3. CANCELLATION BY US. StreetSnappers reserves the right to alter, postpone or cancel any workshop. Should an alteration or postponement become necessary, you will then have the choice of accepting the change, taking an alternative holiday (and where this is of a lower price we will refund the difference), or keeping your funds in trust with us to use as a credit towards any other workshop in future. For the avoidance of doubt, as StreetSnappers is not party to any flight bookings you make yourself and has received no payment for the same, we will not refund the cost of your flight in the event of holiday cancellation or amendment. Under-booking is the situation in which the minimum number of bookings required to run the workshop is not met, and if we have to cancel the workshop for this reason, we will not do so less than 30 days prior to the workshop. In the unlikely event of this happening, all monies paid will be refunded. Force majeure is unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, such as war or the threat of war, riots, terrorist activity, civil strife, industrial disputes, viral pandemics, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood or adverse weather conditions
  4. ALTERATIONS TO THE WORKSHOP. StreetSnappers reserves the right to alter any workshop itinerary in the event of adverse weather or travel conditions etc. In these circumstances, every attempt will be made to use a more suitable location for the workshop. Any itinerary given is in outline only and does not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of StreetSnappers.
  5. INSURANCE. It is a term of the contract between us that you will obtain the appropriate travel insurance cover before you set out on the workshop (whether abroad or in the UK). Our recommendation is that this is done at the time of booking. The insurance must cover the loss, expenses and damages arising from, including but not limited to, the cancellation of the workshop (whether in whole or in part), personal accident and injury, medical and repatriations costs (for overseas holidays), loss of baggage and personal money and belongings and transportation cancellations and delays. Costs incurred through your failure to do so cannot be borne by StreerSnappers. You are strongly urged to purchase insurance which covers loss, theft or damage to your photographic equipment and personal belongings.
  6. PASSPORTS/VISAS & MEDICAL. In the case of overseas workshops, all clients must be in possession of a valid passport and all visas, permits and certificates, including medical certificates required for the whole of the journey and the client accepts responsibility for obtaining the same. All information and advice given by others on visas, vaccinations, climate, clothing, baggage, special equipment etc is given in good faith. You must inform us at the time of booking whether you have medical or mobility problems, walk with the aid of walking aids or require a wheelchair. You are required to obtain, where applicable, additional certification or evidence relating to Covid-19.
  7. MEDICAL EMERGENCY. Please note that suitably qualified medical personnel do not accompany StreetSnappers workshops. Neither StreetSnappers or any of their employees are equipped or trained to deal with a medical emergency or to provide care and assistance in the event of an emergency. If you have any medical condition which may need emergency treatment then you must disclose this at the time of booking to enable StreetSnappers to make an assessment as to whether you can be safely accommodated on the tour.
  8. You, the client, understand that during the course of a workshop with StreetSnappers you may visit a variety of outdoor locations. You understand that during the full duration of the workshop and when travelling to and from the locations, you do so at your own risk and you take full responsibility for your actions. Force majeure is unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, such as war or threat of war, riots, terrorist activity, civil strife, industrial disputes, viral pandemics, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood or adverse weather conditions. StreetSnappers does not accept liability for any losses or additional or unexpected expenses incurred as a result of these circumstances. Such losses or additional expenses are your responsibility.
  9. During the workshop, you must behave in a way that is not disruptive, upsetting or dangerous to you or anyone else and you must follow the reasonable requests of the workshop leader. StreetSnappers will be able to terminate your participation in the tour if your behaviour is, in the workshop leader’s reasonable opinion, in breach of this obligation and in such circumstances StreetSnappers will have no further liability to you.
  10. StreetSnappers Collective: membership is entirely at the discretion of StreetSnappers and membership may be declined in exceptional circumstances for example where the applicant is engaged in competitor activity.
  11. The client must communicate any perceived failure in the performance of this contract on the spot to the workshop leader this giving the workshop leader the opportunity to achieve a satisfactory solution. The decision of StreetSnappers is final and no discussion will be entered into.
  12. GIFT VOUCHERS. Refunds may be made on gift vouchers in exceptional circumstances and at our discretion and, if a refund is made, payment will be made to the purchaser of the gift voucher, not the recipient.
  13. PHOTOGRAPHS & EMAIL. We may wish to take photographs and video during the operation of your workshop and to use the resulting image/s and footage for promotional purposes. You should inform us before the workshop if you do not consent to such use of image/s or video.
  14. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. Any and all intellectual property rights in the course materials are owned by us and will continue to be owned by us.
  15. THE LAW. StreetSnappers accepts responsibility for acts and /or omissions of its employees (whilst acting in the course of their employment). StreetSnappers does not accept responsibility or liability for death, bodily injury or illness caused to the client or any other person included on the booking form, unless arising from the negligent act and/or omission of the StreetSnappers’ employees (whilst acting in the course of their employment). We do not make any warranty as to the course in general and in particular in relation to: (i) the presence or absence of any other attendees or the venue; or (ii) the benefit or outcome (commercial or otherwise) that you may achieve as a result of attending the workshop. Any claims shall be subject to English law in respect of any question of liability or quantum, and all proceedings shall be within the exclusive domain of the English courts.

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