We often think of Venice – ‘La Serenissima’ – as being a great place to photograph during the summer with it’s blue skies, aquamarine water and shafts of glorious light. But what about in the winter months?

I run Venice photography workshops every winter – from October through to April – and, believe me, it’s even better. There are far fewer people about, the locals are more visible and the weather can be amazing with sun, mist, rain, fog and just about everything in between. The sun is low, the shadows are long, the winter sun glistens on the water, there are fewer tourists to ‘photo-bomb’ your scenes, you can get great sunrises without having to get up at silly-o’clock and the moisture in the air is just so atmospheric and therefore photogenic.

On top of that, flights are cheaper, accommodation is better value and you’ll get the sort of pictures which stand apart from the usual ‘tourist’ photos.

You can choose a workshop of either two or three days and we will explore interesting, fascinating and photogenic areas which are away from the usual tourist hot-spots. Our Venice photography workshops include elements of street, travel and documentary photography; we work on techniques for exposure, focusing and composition; learn how to spot an opportunity for a unique picture; discover how work with great light and become a master of it; build your confidence as a street photographer; perfect your digital workflow. Most of all, you will discover new ways of telling the story of your travels through great images.

These Venice photography workshops are immersive, inspiring and great fun. The experience will challenge you, stretch you and will elevate your photography.

Venice photography workshop


Venice photography workshop

Join us this winter for a Venice photography workshop

Private Venice photography workshops

For individuals and up to three additional guests, this is a bespoke workshop over two or three full days. Your workshop will be tailored to your specific interests and learning objectives but is likely to include the following core elements:

  • Coaching on how to develop your own style as a photographer and how to conceive and undertake ‘projects’.
  • Learn how to spot a photo opportunity in an every day street scene.
  • Understand the components of a great street or travel image.
  • Understand how to use lighting conditions to your advantage.
  • Work with shadows, silhouettes and ever-changing light.
  • Conquer your fear of photographing strangers.
  • Become invisible and shoot your environment quietly and unobtrusively.
  • Get to grips with the technical aspects of street and travel photography: equipment, composition, exposure, light and focus.
  • Discover how a pro street photographer sets up his camera to enable fast and accurate shooting.
  • Learn how zone focusing can speed up your work and make you more effective as a street photographer.
  • Understand some of the key legal and ethical aspects of photographing in public places.
  • Shooting at an iconic Venice location at either dawn or dusk.
  • Long exposure photography using ND filters.

These workshops can be organised for individuals, small groups of family / friends.

Please click HERE for further details and booking information.

Venice photography workshops for (public) groups

We will be running ‘open group’ Venice photography workshops throughout 2018 for a maximum of six participants. These are one or two day workshops, broadly following the above outline. The first of these is a one day workshop (£275) during the Venice Carnevale (Carnival) in February – please click HERE for details and a booking form.



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